Student Life

Muslim Life Calendar

Our calendar of events includes Jumu’ah prayers, religious circles, guest speakers, pastoral care sessions, inter-collegiate retreats and, of course, social programs. 

Halal Food

On Campus:

In Ithaca:

  • Collegetown Pizza
  • Enzo’s Pizzeria (Italian & Halal Grill)
  • Sangam Restaurant (Indian)
  • Hawi (Ethiopian)
  • Ithaca Halal Meat & Grocery

Courses on Islam

Course offerings change subject to availability.

  • ARAB 2204: Intro to Quranic Arabic
  • NES 1981 FWS: The Emergence and Articulation of Islam
  • HIST 2350 Introduction to Islamic Civilization
  • HIST 1402 FWS: Global Islam
  • ASIAN 3311 Performing Islam in Southeast Asia
  • ARTH 1168 FWS: Pictures and Objects in Islam

Muslim Life in Ithaca